Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


The use of this website ratifies that you agree with the terms and conditions given below.  Please read them carefully before making use of the site.  If you do not agree with some section of the content, please call us before using this website

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Aviatur does not guarantee that it's applications will function uninterruptedly or without error, this defect will be corrected, or that the site or the server are free of virus or other dangerous elements.  In no event will Aviatur be liable for any direct or indirect or consequential damage, including without limitation loss of profits, cost of replacement of products, inability to use content, errors committed in access by mouse-clicks, even if Aviatur has been warned of the possibility of such damage.  If local law does not permit a disclaimer of liability, the exclusions will not apply, as appropriate:


This site is offered to you as a user for acceptance without negotiation of terms, conditions or clauses contained in it.  The relationship between the website and yourself will be that of independent contractors, and neither Aviatur (including its officers, agents and employees) may be considered to be or are partners, joint venturers, trustees, employees and/or agents with yourself.

You may not assign, agree, subcontract or delegate your rights, duties and obligations as indicated here.



General conditions



Organisation and Responsibility


The Aviatur website, which belongs to AGENCIA DE VIAJES Y TURISMO AVIATUR S.A. (the "Operating Agent"), declares that it acts as intermediary between users and entities or persons responsible for providing transport services by air or land, accommodation, meals, or any other service contracted through the use of the Aviatur Internet site.  Aviatur in turn undertakes to comply with services of intermediation as mentioned, with the specific safeguards of these General Conditions, and will not be liable for breach by such entities in the performance of their obligation, nor for contingencies caused by strike, weather conditions, delays, earthquake, quarantines, or any other material, personal or moral damages which the passenger may suffer due to loss, damage or theft of luggage, lawful accident, sickness or death.  For all such cases, the user should make a direct claim to the businesses that provide the service not performed: Aviatur will collaborate with the user in this as far as possible.  These "General Conditions" are governed by the provisions of the civil and commercial law, and otherwise as appropriate.


Aviatur, as a travel agency, is subject to the regime of responsibility established in Law 300/96, Regulatory Decree 1075/97, and other regulatory decrees.





Aviatur S.A. is subject to the regime of liability established in Law 300/96 and Regulatory Decree 1075/97, Decree 53/2002 and other Regulatory Decrees.  As intermediary, it is not responsible for providing the service of the providers of tourist services, and is equally, it has no influence on the providers´ decisions or policies.


All additional information regarding validity, conditions, exit taxes from Colombia and other countries, levies, charges and other mandatory payments should be consulted with your travel adviser or the website at the time of making a reservation.  All prices and rates given in this site or quotations are subject to change, availability and validity, without notice.  Hotel rates depend on accommodation selected.  Policies for cancellation, penalties, restrictions and special conditions for packages will be communicated to the passenger at the time of issuing the travel documents.  In the event of force majeure or act of God before or during the journey (accident, strike, right, earthquake, weather factors, etc), or simply for the purpose of ensuring the success of the plan, the operator may change, replace or cancel itineraries, dates, flights, hotels, and optional services.  Refund in policy for services not provided by reason of situations of force majeure will be defined by each operator, and they will be confirmed once reservation is made and the travel documents are issued.  Aviatur S.A. is not severally liable for refunds claimed.


Any refund due will be made within 60 days following the request.  Although the refund process may take longer due to reasons beyond the control of Aviatur S.A., Aviatur S.A. will not pay any interest on sums refundable.


If a visa is required, Aviatur S.A. will provide advice is required, but all matters related to the processing of documents required, studies, costs, duration of the process and approvals or rejections are the sole function of the consular authority.


It is the prerogative of the operator or organiser of the plan to withdraw the service from anyone who, for serious reasons of moral or disciplinary nature, duly shown, disturbs the normal course or success of the service.  Aviatur S.A. will not be responsible if for legal or other reasons involving the user, the user must withdraw from the service, or for any addition extra expenses incurred by the user by reason of such withdrawal.  In relation to services not provided at the time the user withdraws, the operator´s refunding policies, if any,  will apply.  Aviatur is not severally liable for such refunds.


Aviatur S.A. will in no circumstances be liable for the user´s luggage.  Aviatur S.A. will inform the passenger of restrictions determined by the airlines with regard to prohibitions, maximum weight and number of items per passenger.  However, it will be the sole responsibility of the passenger to comply with these policies, which may change by decision of the airlines.  If there is an individual policy in the market to cover luggage, Aviatur S.A. may refer the passenger to it, for him to decide whether he takes it or not. 


The amount and form of payment of deposits or downpayments, tickets, reservations for sporting or cultural events, fairs, exhibitions, etc. will be subject to the conditions of the organiser of such events, which and this information should be included in the documentation sent by the operator.


Taxes, fees and contributions payable on airfares, hotel rates, and other services offered by Aviatur S.A. may change at any time, by order of the Colombian or other government, as the case may be, and these will be as borne by the passenger at the time of issuing tickets or service orders.


The customer declares that he knows and accepts all these conditions, which are a single and entire agreement, excluding any contrary agreement or provision of law, with regard to terms, conditions and restrictions of the services contracted.


RNT 6347



Authorisations, licences and trademarks


Aviatur S.A. is the owner of the site and has authorisations for the use of images, graphics, icons, characters, music, texts, software, videos and other site contents (“content"), and HTML, CGI, W. S. codes and other codes and texts in any format ("code") used to implement this site.


No code or content may be modified, altered, copied, distributed, re-transmitted, exhibited, used, reproduced or published for any reason, except for any express authorisation given by these regulations and in the instructions on each section of this site.


By accepting these conditions, as user who enters descriptions, images, videos or comments on the site assigns to Aviatur.com and other Aviatur Group companies a non-exclusive right, free of copyright fees, in perpetuity, and as irrevocable and fully transferable to third parties, to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derived products, distribute and exhibit those descriptions, images, videos or comments throughout the world, and in any medium of communication.  The user also will grant Aviatur, its affiliates and sublicensees, the right to use the name which accompanies that description or comment, if any, in relation to that description or comment. 


Any modification or use of the content or code on this site for purposes other than those permitted, will be a violation of copyright laws and other intellectual property rights, and of the provisions of criminal law applicable to the case.


Users, and in general persons who propose to establish the link between any website and any of the pages of the website must respect the corporate image and logotype of Aviatur.com.  Website links may not be established to webpages in which the logotype or any element which identifies Aviatur.com as owner of the site may not appear without the  prior written authorisation for the user..


This site has been designed solely and exclusively for your personal use.  You may not commercialise the content, products, information, software or services obtained on the Aviatur website.


The content of this website is registered under copyright laws, and is a trademark of AGENCIA DE VIAJES Y TURISMO  AVIATUR  S.A..


If you were aware of the infringement of our trademark, please inform us to the e-mail address servicio enlinea@aviatur.com.co



Computer programs


Any computer program available to be downloaded from this site has all rights reserved, and is the property of Aviatur.  Its use is governed by the terms of the licensing agreement for the final user, which accompanies or is included in the computer program (licensing agreement).  No programme which has a licensing agreement may be installed or used without prior approval of the terms of that agreement.  For any computer program not accompanied by a licensing agreement, the owner guarantees the user a personal and non-transferable licence for his use, in accordance with the terms and conditions indicated in this document.



Technical requirements for access


To access the site, the user must have access to the Internet, subscribe to access and connection tariffs, and have the equipment and systems required to make that connection to the network, including a terminal fit for that use (computer, telephone, etc), and a modem or other device for access.  For the correct access and use of certain content and services on the site, certain computer programs or other logical elements may have to be downloaded onto your equipment.  This installation will be for account of the user, and Aviatur.com disclaims any kind of liability which may be derived from this.  The homepage always informs the user what characteristics he should have in order to be able to use and see the website correctly.





The information, software, products and services published on this site may contain inaccuracies or errors, including in particular tariffs and prices.  Aviatur companies and their affiliates do not guarantee the accuracy of information, or accept liability for errors in the description of content or services found on the website, which in some cases are supplied by the providers of those services.  However, Aviatur expressly reserves the right to correct any price on the website, or to correct reservations made with an incorrect price.  In such event, Aviatur will if possible offer the user the opportunity to maintain a reservation at the correct price, or cancel it without penalty, provided that it meets the characteristics given above.





Additional terms and conditions may apply to reservations, the purchase of goods and services, and other sections of the site, depending on the specific service provider, and you as a User, agreed to accept those clauses.





The simple fact of registering to take part in a particular journey on the basis of these General Conditions implies that nothing should be understood or imagined to be included if it is not described in the programmes.



Limitations of personal and commercial use


This website may only be used to make genuine reservations or purchases, and may not be used for purposes other than those described here.  No kind of speculative, false or fraudulent reservations may be made.  You, as user, are assumed to be sufficiently of age to make use of the website, and to accept the legal and economic obligations entailed.  You accept that you are aware of all the responsibilities derived from the use of the site of Aviatur.com, whether caused by yourself or by third parties operating with your password.  Information, package costs, products and other services published on this site may contain typographical errors and inaccuracies.  Aviatur, its affiliated companies, providers and employees will regularly make changes to update information.  As a condition of use of the site, you guarantee that you will not perform any illegal or prohibited act on it, in the terms,  conditions and requirements given above.


Description of terms in some of the products or services to be found on the Aviatur.com website.


"Tourist with restrictions" rate


When the purchaser selects the "Tourist with restrictions" rate, unless otherwise expressly indicated, this is a tariff which does not permit changes, cancellations or refunding of the amount of the reservation [except for payment of a penalty given by the airline, depending on the tariff applied).  This means that the ticket may not be used otherwise than contracted, including any attempt to use a return potion of a flight without having previously used the outward portion.



Administration charge.


An administration charged will be payable by each passenger, and this will not be refundable.  Any changes or alteration which requires the ticket to be reissued will be subject to a repeat charge.




(Scheduled flights)


For the purposes of air transport, a minor is a person who has not passed his 18th birthday on the date of the flight


INFANT (INF).  A minor who has not passed his second birthday on the date of the flight.  He travels without occupying a seat, accompanied by someone over 18, paying a variable percentage of the adult fare.


CHILD (CHD). A minor over 2 and under 12 on the date of the flight, always travelling accompanied by someone over 18.  He travels occupying a seat.


YOUNG PASSENGER (YP).  A minor over 12 but under 18 on the date of the flight, travelling with no companion, with flight assistance if necessary.  He travels on the full adult fare.



Limitations of minors with each adult


Airliners usually accept the following maximum number of children of minors per passenger:
1 INF and 1 CHD
Two CHD under five.


If you want to fly with more than two children aged 5-12, you should consult the airline in advance.


Exceptionally, (you should always consult to the airline), they may accept two INFs per adult passenger, provided that one travels in the arms of the adult passenger, and the other in a appropriately fitted baby carriage, occupying the seat next to the passenger.  The tariff for the infant occupying the seat will be that of a CHD.


Consult other restrictions with your adviser



Flights in low-cost airlines


The general rule among low-cost airlines is that all those under 14 must always be accompanied by an adult, and properly documented with a passport.  If the minor does not meet these requirements, he may be denied boarding.



Electronic payments


When making a purchase, the customer will be asked to provide data to identify passengers all travellers, and form of payment.  This is done in a number of steps. Once the data have been entered, and before you make the purchase, you will be shown the data so that you can check them, and then proceed to buy.  At the same time, once you have made the purchase, you will be sent an e-mail message confirming the purchase with all the information in relation to it, and information on the invoice, which will also be filed by Aviatur S.A..


The traveller declares that he knows and will abide by government requirements for exit, entry and other documentation.  This information is supplied on the website for Colombians (link: Travel Documents).  If in doubt, you should contact the online help service before making any purchase; or speak to an adviser in any office or at the Call Centre.


The purchase of any product will only be effective at the time that Aviatur makes a valid charge to the credit card supplied, or a transfer is received for the amount of the purchase, and this has been verified by the Financial Department.  Up to that moment, Aviatur may cancel the purchase.


Aviatur reserves the right to request additional information from the customer, in order to verify the purchase.


If it is not possible to make the credit card charge (“transaction rejected”), the customer must be aware that since payment has not been made, Aviatur or the service provider may cancel the purchase. 


Payments for tickets are to be made by credit card before the tickets are issued.


Not all prices indicated in the website include airport and other charges.  They do not include these expenses or extra taxes, which may be paid in local currency or in US dollars at the airport in the country concerned.  Variations in tariffs applicable due to delays in payment of reservations in respect of amounts of airport taxes, and which are introduced between the time of reservation and the time of issue of the ticket, will be charged to the customer.



Currency converter

Exchange rates are based on a number of public sources, and should be used only as a guide.  They are not exact, and real rates may vary.  The currency quotations are not updated every day.  You should check the date in the currency converter function to see the day on which the currency was last updated.  The information supplied by this application is considered to be accurate, but Aviatur companies, and little affiliates and service providers do not guarantee that accuracy.  When this information is used for any financial purposes, we suggest you consult a qualified professional to check the accuracy of exchange rates.  We do not authorise the use of this information for any purpose other than personal, and we expressly prohibit resale, redistribution or use of the information for commercial purposes.





We recommend that the traveller checks any warnings issued regarding the place chosen for his journey.


Aviatur does not represent or guarantee that it is recommendable to travel to the place chosen, or that it is risk-free; and it is not liable for any damage or loss which may arise from travelling to that place.


DOCUMENTATION.  All passengers must carry the personal documents required with them.  The operator will decline all liability for information, withdrawal, or rejection of visas.  The documents delivered by the operator at the responsibility of the user.



LUGGAGE.  In overland transport, the operator expressly disclaims all liability in the event of loss, damage or theft in any circumstances.  We recommend that passengers be present at the handling, loading and unloading of their luggage.  IATA regulations will apply in the case of air transport.  Clarifications: 1.  Luggage porters, where included in the programme, provide their services in airports and other places of boarding.  Hotels have their own personnel for this purpose.  2.  Tips represent an appreciation of efficiency in a service received, and are therefore always that voluntary.  Check-in times at airports.  The time of arrival at airports for boarding should be in accordance with the requirements of the airline concerned.


CANCELLATIONS.  The user may at any time cancel services requested and contracted, and will be entitled to a refund of his deposit, provided that the programme contracted does not have conditions to the contrary.  Airline and IATA a regulations will apply to cancellations.  In the case of charter flights, the cancellation charges and conditions will be those applying to the package.


CLAIMS.  Claims are to be made in writing or by e-mail.  Please consult the information in Customer Service section


ACCEPTANCE.  By the act of registration for any travel package sold by Aviatur, the customer or passenger declares that he knows and approves all the terms of these General Conditions, which are available for printing, along with the special conditions described in the travel package or in the specific travel project.





Part of the site may contain advertising material or sponsored material.  Advertisers and sponsors are solely responsible for ensuring that material sent for inclusion in the portal complies with the law applicable in each case Aviatur.com will not be responsible for any error, inaccuracy or irregularity in any advertising or sponsored content.


At all events, if you have a complaint in relation to advertising content inserted into the site, please write to serviciosenlñines@aviatur.com.co, and contact will be made with the provider of the material in question.



SPAM..  Colombian law will apply.  An e-mail message may not be considered to be SPAM if it includes a way of being removed.



Connections and links with other sites


This site may contain links to communicate with sites operated by third parties, independent of the Aviatur website.


Aviatur has no control over these other sites, and will not be liable for their content.  The inclusion of these sites in the Aviatur website does not imply any kind of association with those third parties or their operators.  Aviatur has connections with other websites.  Please remember that when you enter one of those links, you are entering a site which is different from that of Aviatur, and Aviatur therefore has no liability for it.  We suggest that you read the instructions of those websites with regard to privacy since they may be different from those offered by Aviatur.  Naturally, you are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your passwords and other information contained in your user account.  Please be very careful with this information.





The information supplied on our website regarding schedules, availability and on-line reservations for vehicles, hotels and flights are the property of the Amadeus Global Distribution System.  Neither Amadeus data, nor data to which you may have had access through this service, may be reproduced, sold, transmitted, modified, redistributed, retransmitted, published or exploited commercially in any way without the prior written consent of Amadeus, and where necessary, of other providers of information regarding travel..


This website has been created with data obtained from a number of sources.  Amadeus does not guarantee availability, access, accuracy, punctuality or any other aspect of the information contained in it.



Customer Service helpdesk


The Aviatur.com website has an online helpdesk.  The service is available round the clock, seven days a week.



Use of noticeboards, chat rooms, and other communications forums.

If the site contains a noticeboard, chatrooms or other medium or forum for message communication, you, as a user, agreed to send and receive any messages on material which will be appropriate and related to the same.  As examples of misuse of a Forum, we mention:

  • Defamation, insults, abuse, harassment, threats, or breaches of third parties´legal rights (such as the right to privacy and publicity).
  • Publication, distribution, announcement or dissemination of any type of defamatory, discriminatory, obscene, indecent or illegal information or material
  • The loading of files which contain software or other material protected by intellectual property laws (or copyright), unless you possess the copyright, or you have received all relevant permissions to use them.
  • The loading of files which contain viruses, or are corrupt, or contain any type of program code which might damage the operation of other people's computers.
  • Elimination of any attribution of authorship, legal notice, designation of ownership or trademark, in any system file
  • False application of the origin or source of the computer program, or that of any material contained in the file loaded
  • Announcement or offer of the sale of goods or services, the arrangement of services or contests; despatch of chain letters.
  • Downloading any file loaded by any other user of a forum, knowing that it should not be legally distributed in this manner.


As a user, you accept that the forums for the use of public, not private, communications.  You also accept that chats, conferences, bulletins and other communications between other users are not supported by Aviatur or its affiliates, and that these communications will not be checked, controlled for virus, or approved by Aviatur or its affiliates.  Aviatur reserves the right to withdraw without notice any content of any forum, and it has the overriding right to deny access, at its discretion, to any user of the site, or any part of the same, without notice.



Security and privacy


All the information which you supply to our site when registering is transmitted through a  Security Socket Layer (SSL).  This is a tested code system, and allows your equipment to code the information before it is sent to our system.


The coded information reaches servers, which have all the latest security patches, and unused ports are closed and protected with a firewall; and the information will finally take its original form only when it is stored in our database.



Security risks to be considered when performing transactions on the Internet


It may happen that a user is deceived bye-mail messages or a DNS server fraud, to visit a false site with the same design, but in which card data are loaded onto a false system, stealing information from the cardholder.  It is therefore important to generate a culture for users to perform their transactions by entering known domains directly, in order to reduce the risk.


It may happen that the computer on which the user is performing the transaction may have been invaded, unknown to him,  by spyware or malicious software which captures everything typed onto the keyboard, or information from input devices, which which is then sent to some Internet network or host.  We therefore recommend that as far as possible, you perform your transactions in your computer at home or in the office.


There may be supplantation of the user, or the user may deny that he has sent or received the transaction, and it may be used by a third party.



Use of “cookie” technology


Aviatur.com reserves the right to use the so-called "cookies" in any type of use of the site.  “Cookies” are small data files which are generated in the user's computer, and allow us to discover the following information:


-Date and time when the user at last visited our website
-Design of content which the user selected in his first visit to the website
-Security elements involved in access control to restricted areas.


 Nonetheless, users are informed that this use of their terminal can be suppressed.  Once “cookie” data are registered, other users may see whether you are connected or not, and thus contact you faster and more smoothly.



Data protection


Data registered may be used to provide and administer Aviatur services, the processing of reservations and collection of the payment for products and services purchased through Aviatur.com, the Reservations Centre, mobile communication centres based on GSM, GPRS or UMTS technologies; the compiling of statistics, the sending of advertising and other commercial promotional materials through e-mails, SMS, MMS or any other analogous means.


If you do not authorise your personal data to be used for purposes of promotion and advertising of our products and services and those of other companies in the organisation, please send us mail to the following address: serviciosenlinea@aviatur.com.co



Child pornography


Colombia´s Law 679 of August 3, 2001 aims to prevent and counter exploitation, pornography and sexual tourism involving minors.


In the terms of that law, everyone has a duty to prevent, block, combat and denounce exploitation, accommodation, use, publication or dissemination of images, text, documents, audiovisual files, the improper use of global information network, or the establishment of telematic links of any kind related to pornographic material, or material alluding to sexual activities involving minors.


Any offence against this law may attract criminal or administrative penalties.

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